Best Women’s Trail Running Shoes

best comfortable trail running shoes

If you are a runner, there’s a high chance you already have a pair of comfortable running shoes. However, if you plan to run off-road, you need to invest in the best women’s trail running shoes. 

Running shoes serve a different function from trail running shoes. The ground off-road is not level; this is why you need running shoes specifically designed for the terrain of trails and unstable ground like the hills, mountains, woods, and rocky areas.  A good pair of trail running shoes will help you navigate rugged terrain while offering maximum  support. 

With the increased interest in the adventures of running off-road, many trail running shoes have hit the market, giving women a wide range of choices. To help you select the right pair of running shoes, we have compiled the list of the best women’s trail running shoes. We ranked our top picks after thorough research and review of hundreds of shoes by our experts to ensure we bring you the best.

All recommended models of the best trail running shoes are available in multiple colors and sizes and can be purchased online at the lowest prices with free shipping through our recommended suppliers.


Brooks Cascadia 15

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Brooks Cascadia 15 is a must-have if you are in search of the best trail running shoes for women that offer maximum support. Whether you are running through technical trails or extra-soft trails, Cascadia 15 makes a perfect choice.
One of the features that make the pair stand out is its light weight. Many trail running shoes are pretty heavy, but Brooks managed to build a pair of lightweight shoes that offer premium comfort. Brooks Cascadia 15 was specially designed for the trails. It has a stable platform that allows your foot to adapt to any terrain and a BioMoGo DNA outsole that cushions every stride and protects you from elements underfoot.

Many customers loved that this pair has an enhanced upper: a mono loop engineered mesh and a 3D fit print for improved aeration. Brooks Cascadia 15 is available in different sizes and 2 beautiful color combinations.

New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi Trail

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With over 3,600 ratings on Amazon from satisfied customers, rest assured you can’t go wrong in a pair of fresh foam Arishi trail shoes. New Balance’s Fresh Foam Arishi trail running shoe features plenty of cutting-edge cushioning to help you hit the trail with confidence and ultimate comfort. Despite the shoe’s high-energizing cushioning, it has a lightweight feel that makes for a swift run and maximum protection on the trails. 
With an all-terrain tread outsole and comfortable heel collar, the Arishi trail shoes work well on rocky paths, muddy trails, as well as on roads.
Like many best women’s trail running shoes, New Balance Arishi has an engineered mesh upper for a custom-like fit and strategic arch support. Available in women’s sizes 5 to 12 and over 6 colors, you will definitely find a pair that strikes your fancy, and you can also wear it for casual occasions when not running.

Saucony Guide 13 TR

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Head confidently off-road in a pair of Saucony Guide, one of the most comfortable women’s trail running shoes you can find right now. The pair offers a considerable amount of support and has stability mechanisms that makes it perfect for women with underfoot issues. Testers confirmed that its thick rubber outsole is trail-friendly, offering wearers a good grip on uneven and rugged terrains. The soles are also great for overpronators who want to tackle the impact of running with their shoes.
Saucony Guide 13 TR has padding in its collar and tongue piece to ensure wearers get cushioning on every part of their feet. Its midsole features a plastic guidance frame for arch support and an upper engineered jacquard with protective overlays that allow for foot flex. Guide 13 TR is perfect for all surface trails, and with its high-quality material, it’s expected to last a long time. 

ALTRA Lone Peak 5

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Hit the trails in comfort and style in one of the best women’s trail running shoes, the Altra Lone Peak.  
Altra AL0A4QTX is a new Lone Peak model with some trail-tested upgrades that offer more flexibility and comfort while retaining the natural feel of running. The pair features the Altra signature FootShapeTM and Fit4Her design, aimed at addressing the anatomical differences between men’s and women’s feet. This comfortable design lets a woman’s feet sit naturally with enough space for the toes to wiggle freely.

Many reviewers praised the shoes’ balanced cushioning and the strategically placed lugs on the outsoles for added grip and traction. “I wear my Altras all day, every day! Work as a veterinary technician and hiking in training for my AT hike this spring. They’re comfortable and quick-drying; they grip onto whatever surface I come across during my day. I will never wear another brand!” An excited customer raved.

ASICS GT-2000 9 Trail

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One glance at the ASICS GT-2000 9 Trail pair, and you know why the fit made it to the best women’s trail running shoes. ASICS GT-2000 9 Trail is a perfect shoe for door-to-trail runs offering a comfortable ride and balanced cushioning.  
Testers confirmed this fit provides an impressive combination of long-distance comfort and good grip on different surfaces. Its full High Abrasion Resistance rubber outsole is designed to give extra traction, keeping you stable and secure on any trail surface. It protects your feet from rocks and sharp objects while running. 

The shoe is also packed with an anti-debris mesh and ground filter to provide just the right amount of protection needed on an all terrain run. Pick up a pair ofASICS GT-2000 9 Trail shoes today. You won’t be disappointed. 

New Balance Minimus T10v1


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New Balance is a leader in the running world and offers shoes of good quality and functionality. Mimimus T10v1 has trail-specific features, including a midfoot wrap to help the foot stay in place, an outsole that offers multidirectional traction, and high-density foam for lightweight cushioning.

The fit offers a natural feel to help you stay grounded on the trail while your feet remain comfortable. Another great feature of the New Balance Minimus T10v2 is its antimicrobial treatment to inhibit the growth of micro-organisms and keep your feet fresh. This durable pair also offers enhanced cushioning for all-day comfort and support on the trails. 

Customers love the shoe’s glove-like fit for its unmatched comfort and the mesh upper for its enhanced airflow.

What To Look for in the Best Women’s Trail Running Shoes

As said earlier, trail running shoes are different from regular running shoes. While running shoes offer a good amount of support, they are built with nowhere near the support you will need when running off-road, through rocks, mud, or on soft ground. 

There are two important things to consider when finding the most comfortable women’s trail running shoes: the type of terrain you will be running on and the type of shoes perfect for your feet. If you are running through rugged terrain, then you need shoes with stiff outsoles. Trail shoes have thicker underfoot soles, are stiffer, and more durable than regular running shoes. Here are some things to look out for when finding the shoes perfect for your feet.

  • Stiff Outsoles

The best women’s trail running shoes often have very stiff and rigid outsoles for enhanced grip. Some have lugs (or little teeth) on the outsoles to bite into the ground when running. The lugs will get you a good grip when running on wet or slippery surfaces so look out for them when buying a new pair. 

  • Support 

Extra support is essential when running on the trail. You want shoes that prevent excessive foot rotations, shoes that keep your feet stable without being uncomfortable. Your shoes should have a supportive midsole and a glove-like fit to keep your feet secure. 


If you have ankle instability or a history of foot injuries, podiatrists advise you invest in mid or high-top trail running shoes.

  • Durability 

The best trail running shoes for women are also built with quality materials to withstand the tough hard wear of running off-roads. 

  • Tight Mesh

Trail shoes have a tight mesh that hugs the foot securely to prevent grit from entering into the shoes while running. The mesh also offers protection around the toe area. 

  • Cushioning

A highly cushioned shoe is important for running off-road. If you have foot issues, or you are running through very rough terrain, you would need more cushioning to absorb the shock and pounding on uneven ground. While shoes with extra cushioning are generally heavier, some of the best trail running shoes for women have lightweight and supportive cushioning.

  • Fit

When buying new trail shoes, ensure they don’t have cramped toe boxes. Look out for the right size and width and always pick a pair that lets you leave a thumb’s width space in front of your toes.

  • Air Mesh

Shoes with engineered upper mesh offer breathability, which is needed during a run.

All the shoes on our most comfortable women’s trail running shoes list underwent a thorough testing process that assessed their comfort, stability, and functionality. They tick all the boxes of what a comfortable running shoe should offer, and any one of them will offer the maximum support you need on a trail.


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