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  1. I just returned from 3 weeks in Europe with one pair of Naot Mary Janes (Kirei model) and one pair of Naot sandals (Cymbal model) and never had a single problem the entire trip! As with most travelers to Europe, walking was an everyday rigorous activity and while my legs and feet did feel tired from time to time, there was never any soreness or blisters.

    Both of these shoes have removable footbeds / insoles so I purchased replacements to have on hand, in the event my feet got wet or sweated profusely. This proved to be a good choice as we got caught in a couple downpours in Paris and, by having a fresh pair of insoles, I could change them out and have happy feet without having to wait for a long drying period.

    I will continue to buy Naots whenever I can. Highly recommended.

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