What Are The Most Comfortable Shoes You Have Ever Worn?

My Most Comfortable Shoes EverOur web site visitors are passionate about comfortable shoes. We receive emails every day with recommendations and personal reviews. So we are opening up this post and asking you to share your most comfortable shoes experience.

What are your most comfortable dress shoes, most comfortable walking shoes, most comfortable work shoes, most comfortable travel shoes? Let us know the brand, style, what activity you wear them for and why they are, in your opinion, your most comfortable shoes.

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  1. Rockport World Tour Classics –
    Since 2005 I’ve been wearing the same pair of Rockport World Tour Classics. They are my comfortable men’s shoes pick by far. They’ve been on my feet in France a couple of times, Spain, through all kinds of terrain in FL, NJ, NY, PA. They’re about to go to Germany, France and Italy. When they finally wear out, they’ll be replaced by a new pair.

  2. JK Timmins says:

    Camper Pelotas are my pick for the most comfortable mens shoes for everyday wear and travel. I’m still on my 1st pair after 3 years and the leather looks as good as new. These shoes add both comfort and style to my day.

  3. Hi JK,
    It appears you’re not the only one who loves Camper Pelotas for their comfort and style. They are one of our most popular shoes for men.
    see: Most Comfortable Men’s Casual Shoes

  4. Jenni Davis says:

    For the most comfortable women’s dress shoes I’m sold on high heels made by Cole Haan with Nike Air Technology – it’s sheer genius that they added sneaker comfort to women’s high heels. Their styles are also very cute.

  5. I’m a vintage girl, so I like shoes that offer a more offbeat look. I have 5 pairs of Wolky shoes in various styles. I can change up my wardrobe as well as get the ultra comfort I need. You really should offer Wolky shoes on your website, they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn!

  6. Brian Wark in Australia says:

    A DREW nubuck walking shoe with softest sole I have ever found on any shoe. The cushion they provided for street walkling was something I have not been able to find in any other shoe. The Upper wore out befor the soles, and that was seven years. Unbelievable!

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