Top Ten Comfortable Work Shoes For Chefs or People Who Stand or Walk All Day

comfortable work shoes for chefs and people who stand or walk all dayThis post is especially for the people out there who spend eight hours or more on their feet each day at work.  No one deserves to have comfortable work shoes more than you do.  Standing or walking all day not only takes a toll on your feet, but also on your entire body.

Chefs, Nurses and Hospitality staff who spend all day on their feet are all in need of comfortable work shoes. Top quality shoe makers take this into consideration when they construct shoes especially for you.  Prices may seem high, but when you consider the alternative of having medical bills due to injured feet, back, legs, etc; the price is well worth it.  Also, these shoes can be repaired and will last for many years.

Here are our Top Ten Shoes for workers who stand or walk all day.

1. Dansko – known as the #1 comfort Clog company in the world.  These shoes are worn by all types of people (doctors, nurses, chefs) who are on their feet all day.  All Dansko Professional clogs come with the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance.  These shoes start at $120.

2. Birkis – clogs and sandals are made with cork-latex footbed that will mold to your feet.  They are resistant to oil, grease and chemicals.  Birki’s Professional Clogs are made exclusively in Germany.  Price range is from $70 – $100.

3. Birkenstock – in the shoe business since 1774.  Top quality shoes for men and women, especially those who need arch supports or you have other foot ailment.  Cork footbed molds to your feet and can be recycled.  Price range from $120 – $160.

4. Alpro – Popular among medical and food service professionals, or anyone who does a large amount of walking or standing, Alpro work shoes for men and women combine comfort, practicality and design for healthy feet. Clogs and sandals are priced between $80 – $90.  You can purchase a replacement footbed for $30.

5. Footprints – provide comfortable footwear for men and women for either casual or dress.  These shoes have shock-absorbing padded heels and removable contoured cork/latex footbeds for support of the entire body.  These are especially ideal for those who stand on concrete or other hard surfaces.

6. Keen shoes have patented toe guards, anatomical compression-molded footbeds and durable rubber soles.  These are waterproof shoes.  Prices start at $90.

7. Klogs have many different varieties of colors, they are latex free, and they have removable anti-microbial footbeds that absorb shock.

8. Pro-Step shoes claim to design shoes for the customer, not their jobs.  They look good at work and for dress.  They start at $75

9. Timberland Pro are anti-fatigue shoes that offer foot, ankle and leg support.  These are good in cold or warm weather and provide the best care for your fee

10. New Balance offers a nice variety of running/ walking shoes that are top quality in providing support for the foot and legs.  These are probably the most popular athletic shoe.

No matter which brand you personally choose, rest assured these shoes are all top quality chef shoes and work shoes that will keep your feet healthy and happy.

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