Common Foot Ailments – What Are Your Feet Telling You?

Healthy Feet and Foot Ailments - how to increase foot health.Paying attention to adequate foot health is vital to maintaining your precious body’s overall wellness. Listen carefully, your feet may be attempting to tell you something. When our feet hurt, or develop problems, it’s their way of sending us a message about our lifestyle choices. It’s important to pay close attention to our feet; they are constantly working to give us clues about our health. Here’s some helpful advice if you are experiencing any of the following foot problems:
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Dansko Nursing Shoes – Comfortable Nurses Shoes

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Nursing is one of the most physically demanding jobs in the world. From the beginning to the end of their shifts, nurses find themselves constantly on their feet. Not only that, but many nurses also work much longer than 8 hour shifts per day, with some even exceeding 12 hours per day. Due to these long hours, and the nature of their work, proper, comfortable women’s work footwear is essential. For the nurse looking for not only comfortable, but affordable work shoes, Dansko nursing shoes are an excellent option.

Dansko offers some of the most fashionable, yet comfortable, nursing shoes available on the market today. They come available in many sizes, colors, and in mens and womens styles. In addition, Danskos have been approved by the American Podiatric Association.

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Six Secrets to Finding Comfortable Women’s Shoes

A woman looks for comfortable shoesIt’s not always easy to find that illusive, perfect pair of comfortable women’s shoes. But armed with these comfort tips, you’ll be wearing them in no time.

1. Start with a Good Fit
When it comes to comfortable shoes, our biggest base line tip is to ensure a good fit. Our feet our three dimensional, not two-dimensional. So, while size charts can be helpful, they don’t measure the girth of our feet. As a result, they can’t be relied upon for total accuracy.
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What Are The Most Comfortable Shoes You Have Ever Worn?

My Most Comfortable Shoes EverOur web site visitors are passionate about comfortable shoes. We receive emails every day with recommendations and personal reviews. So we are opening up this post and asking you to share your most comfortable shoes experience.

What are your most comfortable dress shoes, most comfortable walking shoes, most comfortable work shoes, most comfortable travel shoes? Let us know the brand, style, what activity you wear them for and why they are, in your opinion, your most comfortable shoes.

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Best Running Shoes Review: Brooks Ghost 4

Best Running Shoes by Brooks Ghost 4After our recent release of our top 10 comfortable walking shoes picks, we received a whole string of emails asking for our advice on the most comfortable running shoes, or the best running shoes from the perspective of comfort. Whenever we receive these requests we always consult our friends over at Runner’s World. Here’s their answer: Their latest editor’s pick for the best running shoes for both men and women in 2011 are the Brooks Ghost 4.

These very popular running shoes have been updated with a number of new features that make them a great choice for any neutral runner who is looking for a solid training shoe that offers an unparalleled level of personalized fit, without the high price tag.

Brooks internal DNA cushioning uses high viscosity liquid to react instantly to each step, customizing the cushion for different runners and running styles.

This resilient running shoe features a breathable, moisture-managing Element Mesh upper that conforms to the foot for an enhanced fit and added stability. The biodegradable BioMoGo midsole offers durable cushioning with an eco-friendly attitude.

In layman’s terms: The Brooks Ghost 4 is the go-to shoe for multiple runners offering maximum comfort, support and flexibility.

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Jambu Barefoot Vegan Shoes Review

Barefoot Shoes by JambuThe trend towards barefoot or minimalist shoes is becoming ever more popular, especially amongst women’s comfort shoes enthusiasts. Here’s the rub if you haven’t heard:

Barefoot shoes, while providing protection from hard and sharp surfaces, mimic the body’s natural contact with the earth. Your feet stretch and flex naturally, actions that cushioned shoes normally absorb.

Barefoot shoes improve your body mechanics by letting your feet work the way they should and not the way they do in a shoe. The results provide a big healthy, ergonomic advantage improving balance, agility and grip.

The cute Jambu Barefoot Vegan is a new arrival to the casual women’s minimalist shoe market. It has incredibly unique styling with the criss-cross lacing and contrast stitching. It has a slight positive heel but probably no more than 3 mm. It should fit a narrow or average width foot well but may be snug on a wide foot. These are comfortable casual flats, excellent for urban walking adventures.

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