Sarah Jessica Parker: Wearing High Heels Ruined My Feet

Sarah Jessica ParkerPragmatic footwear was not the fashion choice that made Carrie Bradshaw, and consequently Sarah Jessica Parker, a household name. But all that wedging into those iconic pairs of Manolos apparently did a number on the actress’s delicate feet. [Read more…]

What are the Most Comfortable Shoes Brands?

The Best Comfortable Shoes Brands

Not all shoes are created equal. Comfortable shoes that are anatomically correct and supportive are a special breed. Manufacturers of comfortable shoes have spent time understanding the anatomy of the human foot and creating products that support the body’s most basic foundation in standing, walking and running.
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How to Choose Comfortable Men’s Work Boots

comfortable mens work boots waterproofWhat kind of conditions do you work under? Construction jobs? Outdoor, extreme weather jobs? Maybe your job requires safety toe protection or slip & oil resistant outsoles. Maybe you’re tired of wet feet and need waterproof work boots.

The best way to start your search for work boots and shoes is to choose the single most important feature to you and then look for additional features you may find appealing. For example, let’s say your work requires safety toe protection, but you may also want a work boot that’s slip and oil resistant. Some of the most popular categories of work boots are: Safety Toe work boots, Plain Toe work boots, Waterproof work boots, Slip and Oil Resistant work boots and Insulated work boots.
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Top Ten Comfortable Work Shoes For Chefs or People Who Stand or Walk All Day

comfortable work shoes for chefs and people who stand or walk all dayThis post is especially for the people out there who spend eight hours or more on their feet each day at work.  No one deserves to have comfortable work shoes more than you do.  Standing or walking all day not only takes a toll on your feet, but also on your entire body.

Chefs, Nurses and Hospitality staff who spend all day on their feet are all in need of comfortable work shoes. Top quality shoe makers take this into consideration when they construct shoes especially for you.  Prices may seem high, but when you consider the alternative of having medical bills due to injured feet, back, legs, etc; the price is well worth it.  Also, these shoes can be repaired and will last for many years.
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The Most Comfortable Toddlers Shoes

The most comfortable shoes for developing feet are those with very flexible soles that allow for natural foot development. Toddlers and small children should be placed in shoes with flexible soles and arches as they allow the proper development and mobility that is required for growing feet.
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Cole Haan Women’s Shoes Offer Nike Air Technology

Cole Haan Heels, Sandra Bulluck wears comfortable high heels

Sandra Bulluck wears Cole Haan Air Pumps

Good-looking, comfortable high heels that actually coddle your feet? Yes, Believe it. Cole Haan and Nike have teamed up to design a new line of comfortable dress shoes that enlists the sportswear giant’s Air technology for maximum cushioning. Zoom Air bags inserted just beneath the lining—identical to the support systems in running shoes—counterbalance the pressure of standing and walking for hours on end, and won’t lose volume over time.

Though their prices tend to run upwards of $100,  their women’s shoes range from elegant pumps and sporty slip-ons to stylish leather flats with Nike Air cushioning. Unlike other shoemakers, who seem to let their focus on comfort overshadow any attempt at style, Cole Haan shoes are classy and chic while staying easy on the foot. These are a long-lasting, worthwhile investment.

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