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Cole Haan Women’s Shoes Offer Nike Air Technology

Cole Haan Heels, Sandra Bulluck wears comfortable high heels

Sandra Bulluck wears Cole Haan Air Pumps

Good-looking, comfortable high heels that actually coddle your feet? Yes, Believe it. Cole Haan and Nike have teamed up to design a new line of comfortable dress shoes that enlists the sportswear giant’s Air technology for maximum cushioning. Zoom Air bags inserted just beneath the lining—identical to the support systems in running shoes—counterbalance the pressure of standing and walking for hours on end, and won’t lose volume over time.

Though their prices tend to run upwards of $100,  their women’s shoes range from elegant pumps and sporty slip-ons to stylish leather flats with Nike Air cushioning. Unlike other shoemakers, who seem to let their focus on comfort overshadow any attempt at style, Cole Haan shoes are classy and chic while staying easy on the foot. These are a long-lasting, worthwhile investment.

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Six Secrets to Finding Comfortable Women’s Shoes

A woman looks for comfortable shoesIt’s not always easy to find that illusive, perfect pair of comfortable women’s shoes. But armed with these comfort tips, you’ll be wearing them in no time.

1. Start with a Good Fit
When it comes to comfortable shoes, our biggest base line tip is to ensure a good fit. Our feet our three dimensional, not two-dimensional. So, while size charts can be helpful, they don’t measure the girth of our feet. As a result, they can’t be relied upon for total accuracy.
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Jambu Barefoot Vegan Shoes Review

Barefoot Shoes by JambuThe trend towards barefoot or minimalist shoes is becoming ever more popular, especially amongst women’s comfort shoes enthusiasts. Here’s the rub if you haven’t heard:

Barefoot shoes, while providing protection from hard and sharp surfaces, mimic the body’s natural contact with the earth. Your feet stretch and flex naturally, actions that cushioned shoes normally absorb.

Barefoot shoes improve your body mechanics by letting your feet work the way they should and not the way they do in a shoe. The results provide a big healthy, ergonomic advantage improving balance, agility and grip.

The cute Jambu Barefoot Vegan is a new arrival to the casual women’s minimalist shoe market. It has incredibly unique styling with the criss-cross lacing and contrast stitching. It has a slight positive heel but probably no more than 3 mm. It should fit a narrow or average width foot well but may be snug on a wide foot. These are comfortable casual flats, excellent for urban walking adventures.

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