Six Secrets to Finding Comfortable Women’s Shoes

A woman looks for comfortable shoesIt’s not always easy to find that illusive, perfect pair of comfortable women’s shoes. But armed with these comfort tips, you’ll be wearing them in no time.

1. Start with a Good Fit
When it comes to comfortable shoes, our biggest base line tip is to ensure a good fit. Our feet our three dimensional, not two-dimensional. So, while size charts can be helpful, they don’t measure the girth of our feet. As a result, they can’t be relied upon for total accuracy.

Additionally, every shoe manufacturer, every style, every pair, every shoe, and every foot is different — when you think of it that way, it’s amazing that you can find any shoes to offer a comfortable fit.

By all means, use size charts and have your feet measured — but use these measurements as a starting point, not as an end point. The shoes you bought today might be a size 6, but tomorrow’s shoes might deem you to be a size 7.5 … listen to how your feet feel in your shoes.

Here are some additional tips for trying on shoes.

2. Avoid Pointy Toe Shoes…
Our next comfortable women’s shoes tip is to look for shoes with round toes or oval toes, or even squarish toes, but at least, look for shoes without pointy toes, or a toebox that forces your toes into an unnatural and uncomfortable position. In the best case, your toes will have room to move a bit, at a minimum, they shouldn’t be crammed together or pushed to the side.

3. The Hidden Details Inside Comfortable Shoes
Often what makes a pair of shoes uncomfortable is what’s on the inside. Exposed seams, bits of rubber or leather that rub against your heel, or openings that press against the top of your foot can all make an attractive pair of shoes unbearable to wear. Pay particular attention to these details when trying shoes on, and be sure to take a look at the inside of the shoes for any problematic areas as well. Comfortable shoes all include smooth leather linings which enable the feet to breathe and a padded footbed that absorbs shock as you walk.

4. Are Flats More Comfortable Than Heels?
As a general rule, flats are more comfortable and better for you than heels. But not all flats are created equal, and some flats can be downright excruciating to wear for any length of time. As with any shoes, keep in mind you need a comfortable toe box shape, proper arch support, and no exposed seams inside.

5. Look for Heels, But Not Stilettos
Even if you’re in the market for high heels, some choices are more comfortable than others. A wide heel or platform sole provides a larger base for your weight to be distributed, thereby creating a more comfortable high heel experience.

6. Know Your Feet, Know Your Shoes
Do you have high arches? Then narrow, or flat shoes might pose a comfort challenge for you. Do you have wide feet? Then you might need to size up or look for brands that offer wide widths.

Use the comfort shoes you already own to figure out what works for you, and pay close attention to future purchases to see why some styles work and others don’t. There’s a reason you find some brands and styles more comfortable, and it’s likely that those many of those traits can be found in other brands and styles as well.

And of course, browse our top picks in comfortable women’s shoes here on this website.

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